Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Book Written By Neal Shusterman

Everlost is a world, a dead world, for people who have died but didn’t make it to where they were going. Allie and Nick are thrown into this world without any knowledge that would apply to this “dead” world. Allie and Nick didn’t know each other before they died at each other’s side. Without knowing each other before their death, whom can they trust? Without knowledge, they don't know who and what should they avoid. How can they get out? Can they get out? After-lights, which are all the “ghosts”, say you cannot leave Everlost, that you stay forever. Which proves to be a long time since you stay in Everlost for eternity and sink if you don’t move.

There were multiple little problems in Everlost, and I couldn’t find the main plot. Throughout the book I was trying to find one, but I wasn’t able to, however that didn’t stop me from reading. Though these little problems tie in at the end allowing you to really engage with the book. This book is really interesting and will constantly pull you back in and make you want to read more. The book gave you little information, though; I found that that was what kept me reading because I wanted to know more. The theme of this book was about afterlife, and where you may end up after you’re finished living. Since you would be stuck in Everlost, you get to choose whether you are lucky or unfortunate. Though this book is marked as horror I found it to be compelling and not scary.  If you enjoy a good read, look for Everlost.

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  1. I really like how you added a picture. Great review! I'll add this book to my reading list.

  2. Reading the summary, I found I was much more captivated by your summary than the official summary on goodreads, which didn't interest me. Now I'll be sure to add this to my reading list! Great job

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  4. I liked that you used an image of the book cover. But for when you write the theme you should write the theme is whatever, not I think the theme is whatever, because you want the reader to know that that is the theme in the book not that is may or may not be the theme in the book. Other then that this review is great. Good job Paige! :)