Friday, 21 September 2012

The Seer of Shadows

By Avi

Mr. Middleditch is a photographer with an apprentice named Horace; Horace is a rational teenager raised not to believe in superstition, and certainly not in ghosts. One day a servant named Peg shows up at the door of a very unoccupied photographer and tells Horace to book a portrait for Mrs. Von Macht, Peg's master. Horace hasn't taken his first photograph so when the opportunity arises he is the man for the job. However, what he doesn't know is that he is evoking something that is better avoided. Lies and secrets fill The Seer of Shadows and when close to being uncovered, some people will scramble to keep their lies confidential.

The plot of this novel rides on secrets; these secrets are what draw you in. I believe that Avi did this on purpose so that you could relate to the character because it was as much a mystery to you, as it was to Horace. I found the plot to be fantastic and fast paced. Though The Seer of Shadows may be conceived as creepy since the ghost was ruthless and this novel does contain portions of death. Locating the novel in New York City during 1872 was interesting because it connected some aspects of historyFor example, there were horse drawn carriages and old photography techniques. If I had to suggest the novel to readers I would say anyone above 12. I think this book could hook many readers easily and once you've started you won't want to put it down.The theme of this book to me would be not to evoke anything that should stay untouched. In this case I am talking about the deceased. 

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