Sunday, 4 November 2012

My Soul to Take

By Rachel Vincent

Kaylee has a talent that could also be called a curse. She knows when someone will die. However, she can't warn them because all she can do is hold back a terrifying wail or release it. Her wail is her curse, which is arguably her talent. However, it could save a soul. People are dying and she doesn't know how to help or if she can help. If every day a new person died, would you save them? If some one person survives, another person has to die, would you still save these people? 

My Soul to Take is a gripping novel. The plot of the novel is about finding the reasons for recent deaths and beside that rides unanswered questions about Kaylee’s life. I think Rachel Vincent chose to add those questions because it challenged Kaylee to overcome different obstacles, which benefited the novel, making it compelling and helped support the development of Kaylee’s character. I enjoyed this book and thought it was fantastically concluded; it was intriguing and satisfying without leaving you with questions. However, it still left options open for the next book. The romance in My Soul to Take is between Kaylee and Nash, although it is enjoyable, I think that sometimes portions of their love is unnecessary and the space in the novel could be better used in other situations. The theme is the truth should be told. Since Kaylee's life was filled with lies and it was a last minute situation when the truth was delivered. If I suggested this book to an age group, I would say 14 as the minimum because the novel doesn’t contain many scary parts and personally I don’t think it is frightening. Though, there are some things that would be better to read at an appropriate age.

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  1. Hi Paige,

    I read your book reviews and discovered that you are a very strong writer. The powerful language and connections you make do allow your writing to be more professional. This is something that is very hard to obtain, and with you doing so well now it is astonishing to think how you will do in the future. I think that you should definitely continue to put out your ideas as you are really good at convincing and explaining why these books are so good (as you did convince me to read them)! Fabulous Blog and Reviews. Continue with your great work....

    - Maggie

  2. Oh and very creative title as well. Funny. haha (:

  3. Hi Paige,
    I really enjoyed reading your book review. You have a really concise summary paragraph that holds a really strong meaning. While I read the review, it kept me interested about the book and left me wanting to find out what happens. Your word choice really is powerful and fits inside of the review. Keep on reading!!

  4. Your reviews are very powerful! The way you write pulls the reader in and it makes you want to keep reading! Thanks :)
    P.S- Love the Title:) ( its well... very original )

  5. paige you did a great job pulling the reader in by just giving them a little information but not a lot which i think is great also you did a great job describing the book and the author.
    great job