Friday, 8 February 2013

Elsewhere, Review on Review

This is a review on Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin found on Leah's Blog. Visit her blog at I Eat Books 4 Dinner.

What if you were in Liz’s position? What do you want to do with your life? These are some things that I thought about when reading the book. So I agree, the book really does make you think. Continuing to dwell on those questions, that is one of the reasons I say that this book should be for female teens. Leah said, she would recommend Elsewhere to intermediate readers who like some romance and adventure. I agree and am going to add on to this. The book did not have strong literature, which is why it should be for intermediate readers. If the literature in this novel was stronger I would say female teens should read the novel because Liz is fifteen, just died, and is trying to cope. That way they could relate to the novel. However, its doesn't (have strong literature) so I have to agree with Leah. I wouldn’t say that love conquers all or life after death is the theme because the book wasn’t focusing on her romance. I think the theme is Live a life worth living. I believe this because throughout the book it pulls on that thought, If I died today, would I be happy with the life I have lived?

Eternims. Eternims are the currency of elsewhere. I do not know how much they are worth, which I feel she should have been stated. When Liz finds a addicting routine of watching her family and friends at the O.Ds (Observation Decks), Betty openly lends 24 eternims a day. If each eternim was similar to one dollar it seems unrealistic for a daily routine. I wish Thandi, one of Liz’s friends, were included more in the story. When she was first introduced, I really liked her character. Not only that but she complemented Liz. For example when Elizebeth was getting negative Thandi seemed to always be positive but not annoying or happy-go-lucky. Sometimes the book got a little repetitive. When we were first introduced to Elsewhere there were many, too many, times it stated that they age backwards.

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