Monday, 13 May 2013

The House of the Scorpion and Gattaca

In the film Gattaca, Vincent was the protagonist. Matt, The Clone, was the protagonist of The House of the Scorpion. I am going to compare between these two characters.

Similarities would include that they both had an unsupported dream, their hearts were complications in their lives and they were stereotyped.

Starting with they had a dream. Vincent wanted to go to space. Unfortunately, he was labeled an invalid because he had a 1% chance his heart wouldn’t fail. Not many people were going to support an in-valid. In the novel, not many people were going to support a filthy clone. In order to achieve their goals both Vincent and Matt were going to have to work harder than other characters.

Their hearts complicated their lives because with Vincent, it labeled him and gave him a smaller chance to live. With Matt, he would die without it and many people weren’t planning on letting him keep it.

“That’s disgusting. Clones aren’t people,” (Farmer 26) this shows the hate towards clones but also how they stereotype them.  They are talking about all clones, but is Matt not different. His intelligence wasn’t blunted and it proved that Matt is as smart as any.

Vincent is stereotyped as an in-valid, yet, he swam farther than and saved his brother, the valid. When he saves his brother, that wasn’t Gerome’s heartbeat but truly his own.

Some differences to me were the reason they were born or “created” and the roles of their motherly or fatherly figures.

Matt was made to create a heart for El PatrĂ³n. He wanted to be the leader of Opium after the powerful man died. Unfortunately, that was never meant to happen. He was supposed to “fall into pieces”.

Vincent was made simply because his parents wanted a child. I believe this because there is no evidence to say this is not the case.

Matt’s motherly and fatherly figures would be Celia and Tam Lin. They supported him, believed in him and eventually helped him live. However, this is not the case for Vincent. His parents believed in the stats they were given about Vincent ‘s heart and thought they would outlive him and they weren’t supportive of his dream.

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