Sunday, 12 May 2013

The House of the Scorpion~Narrative Structure

In this reflection on The House of the Scorpion I will be talking about narrative structure. This includes things such as Exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution. But before you read on, please note there are spoilers in these paragraphs because I talk about the climax, falling action and resolution.

In my opinion, the exposition of this novel was very short. I would say the exposition was chapter one; In the beginning.  It was kind of confusing, but I wouldn’t call it rising action because the rising action is when there is conflict or complications, which leads to the climax. The exposition introduces characters, setting and other information.

In chapter 2, Steven and Emilia find Matt’s little house in the poppy fields where the windows are nailed shut. I think that this is rising action because without this initiation of the plot there would be no climax.  This is because Matt would never meet the Alacráns, Mendozas or any other characters; such as Rosa or the Lost Boys.

Because chapter one only displays how Matt was made, I don’t think this could be rising action. I don’t think it points us in the right direction, which would be the climax.

I felt as though the climax was in chapter 23; Death. The reason I say this is because this is the highest point of tension in the plot. El Patrón dies because they figure out what Celia did to Matt’s heart. To be punished she is turned into an eejit. Also, Tam Lin supposedly betrays The Clone.

The falling action ranges from chapter 23 to chapter 36. I say this because even though it is still interesting it leads us towards the resolution. The keepers controlling the lost boys and girls were an obstacle to get over but I don’t think it was the highest point of tension for the protagonist; Matt.

During and after chapter 36 the plot unravels as we meet Esperanza, Matt gets into the Alacrán house and Daft Donald, Celia and Mr. Ortega finish the story. They do this by telling Matt what happens to the rest the characters.

It was disappointing to see what little regard was shown towards the resolution. I think Farmer could have made the novel itself better by improving the ending. It seemed like Celia and the others were monotonous well talking to Matt about El Patrón’s last act.

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