Monday, 13 May 2013

The House of the Scorpion~Real world connections

In The House of the Scorpion there were a few real world connections that stuck out to me. This included the noble peace price won by Esperanza, the coyotes which helped cross borders, the abuse of power or dictator ship shown by El Patrón and the child labor in Aztlán.

Starting in 1901 the Nobel peace prize is awarded to a person who has made major contributions towards international subjects such as physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature and of course peace. In page 198 it says, “She was a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in-“ This is referring to Esperanza.

 Someone who smuggles people from Mexico to the US for cash is a coyote. Celia tells Matt her story. In page 142 Celia mentions a coyote that was to take her from Aztlán to the US. This illegal process is very real and does happen.

“Gradually, Opium changed from a no-man’s-land to a real country. And its supreme leader, dictator, and führer was Matteo Alacrán.”
(Farmer 170)

If you don’t know, Führer is a German term for leader. The reason I chose to show you the quote above is because it shows an abuse of power. I get this mostly from one word in this quote and that is dictator.

In the dictionary it says that one of the definition for dictator is “a person exercising absolute power” and in my opinion that is exactly what El Patrón does.  “His voice wasn’t loud, but it commanded instant attention.”  (Famer 99) I would say that he abused his power because he treated people and their lives.

One last connection I had was child labor. According to this website (click this) there are around 153 million children consumed in child labour at ages ranging from 5 to 14.

During this novel Matt went to Aztlán, a place formerly known as Mexico. After crossing the border keepers made him work at a plankton factory with the lost boys. However, before he went to the plankton factory there was only more abuse.

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