Thursday, 3 October 2013

The Sea Devil

During Bamfield we read The Sea Devil by Arthur Gordon.

This short story is about a experienced fisherman who comes out at night to enjoy his hobby as he has done many times before. However, the night surprises him when he mistakes a sting ray, a sea devil, for a fish.

I was surprised that the protagonist was in his late-twenties. "He was in his late twenties, wide-shouldered and strong." (page 1. Arthur Gordon)  I should have paid more attention to the text because I imagined this character to be a retired but still an able bodied fisherman. I thought this because he already owned a ocean side house and I figured that it takes a long time to become experienced in fishing.

Gordon used foreshadowing to hint their would be a problem later in the story. He really emphasized the fact that the character was on his own. This also left more opportunities for the author to introduce issues to the plot.

I think the theme is normal can change. The reason I think this is because the fisherman assumed he would be catching fish. He didn't over think it because he believed this night would be similar to others. He lowered his guard, and something took advantage.

I read this story while looking over the ocean after the sun had set. Once dark your eyes had a hard time making out shapes. I could only imagine what the man must be seeing, but I knew it wasn't going to be in great detail.

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