Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Global Issue Novel and Laws in the Setting's Country

In Canada there is a Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It protects citizens and other people. What the following paragraphs are about is the Charter, if there is a Charter, and how it serves the citizens in it's country.

So this is something that I found in the constitution of Bangladesh. Under 8. Fundamental Principles  (1a) it stated that Absolute trust and faith in the Almighty Allah shall be the basis of all actions.  In another section I found this: The state of religion is Islam, but other religions may be practiced in peace  and harmony in the republic. I guess what I was trying pointing out is that there is the freedom to practice other religions, however, the religions in Bangladesh may not be as diverse as ours.

Something on another note is that in the constitution I found something about the rights of women. Its states steps shall be taken to ensure participation in all spheres of national life. I find it interesting that it says steps shall be taken because in this developing country, women are not equal. Guaranteeing that steps will be taken may be the best they can do. I think that was one of the biggest issue in my book was getting women to participate in the bank. In their society and villages it wasn't common and in most cases frowned upon.

I didn't find a charter that Bangladesh follows in my research. I think that is unfortunate because the Charter of rights and freedoms in Canada protects us and everyone deserves to be fairly treated. I don't think that it would make a large impact on poverty if the Bangladesh government installed a charter, however, I do think that it would be beneficial for them to do so.


  1. At the very end of your post, you said that "I don't think that it would make a large impact, but would be beneficial". I was just wondering, in what ways do you think that not just our charter,but a charter would affect them? Also affect them positively and negatively. I was thinking about what you said about that you said there is the freedom to practice other religions, but is it like Canada's Fundamental Freedom section. Will you be discriminated or treated as equals in Bangladesh? Overall, good post, I learned quite a bit about Bangladesh.

  2. This post was very informational on the way woman are treated in Bangladesh. I also liked how you said it would be "Beneficial for them to install a charter" even if it did not have a huge impact on poverty. But i would like to see you relate the country of Bangladesh's problems to Canada's rights and Freedoms and say what would be different if this problem was in Canada. And be specific of what rights they would be breaking.

  3. Being specific to your book, what exactly do you think would change if they applied our charter? And which of the five sections of the Canadian Charter of Rights an Freedoms are already being applied in this country? In this post, I like how you used direct passages from the Constitution of Bangladesh. This post is very insightful, thanks Paige :)

  4. Hi Paige!
    I really liked reading your posts, they are both engaging and interesting. While reading the post I could see that you really went in depth with your explanations and ideas. But I do have a question. You said "I don't think that it would make a large impact on poverty if the Bangladesh government installed a charter, however, I do think that it would be beneficial for them to do so." in your fifth post. My question now is, why do you think a Charter wouldn't help poverty in Bangladesh? And in what ways do you think the Charter could help Bangladesh? Overall, your posts are engaging and interesting. Great job Paige! :)

  5. I really enjoyed reading this post, I like how you compared the different sections of the charter together. it's very obvious you put time and effort into this post and really analyzing their charter. I would like to ask, what do you think would happen if Bangladesh adopted Canada's charter of rights and freedoms? Do you think the discrimination against women would change? And how drastically on this change? Even though they are equal women still could be disrespect. Also how would adopting the charter effect religion diversity in Bangladesh? Do you think that people would adopted new religions? Or would the situations stay the same?