Thursday, 6 March 2014

GINS Mini Litspiration Challenge

“In my university courses, I theorized about sums in millions of dollars, but here before my eyes the problems of life and death was posed in pennies.” Muhammad Yunus 48

This quote is from my GINS (Global Issue Novel Study) book, Banker to the Poor by Muhammad Yunus. This quote came from one of my favorite parts of the book. Muhammad had just met Sufiya Begum, a 21 year old who made 2 cents a day selling bamboo stools. This particular part of the story, for me, was super powerful and has stuck with me. It’s quite the topic. While here in Alberta, Alison Redford spends 45 thousand dollars flying to South Africa, poverty continues to diminish people’s lives. Why do we have a premier who spends an unnecessary 45 thousand dollars on a flight to Nelson Mandela’s funeral, while poverty strikes hard against people around the world. “I watched her as she set to work again, her small brown hands plaiting the strands of bamboo as they had every day for months and years on end. This was her livelihood. She squatted barefoot on the hard mud. Her fingers were callused and her nails black with grime” Muhammad Yunus 47.

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